Puzzles are an invaluable aide for skill development in children. With the advent of advanced technologies and other things coming into the market, the manufacturers are developing new and much advanced puzzles for kids. With the increasing demand for some skillful childrens puzzles motivating better quality development in the children, the manufacturers have filled the market with such amazing puzzles that can really help in the better development of a child.

Solving puzzles is great way for the little ones to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Some of the important puzzles necessary for children are shape sorting, jigsaw puzzles, ABC blocks and many others. Shape sorting puzzle helps the child in manipulating various shaped blocks and place them evenly. It further enhances the solving skills as well as hand-eye coordination in children.

Jigsaw puzzles are other form of puzzles that help in solving the entire puzzle by giving it a meaning. This sort of puzzle is available for a wide range of ages and development stages. A jigsaw puzzle makes the use of hand and eye coordination. These puzzles are available in easier to medium and harder levels. And, the ones specifically designed for little ones include letters and

Every parent strives to provide the best environment for their children so they grow up to become educated, intelligent adults. The things you teach your children at a very young age have the most impact on their learning abilities for the rest of their lives.

In addition to letting your children play outside, read and socialize with other children, there are many things you can do to help your children develop the skills they need to execute simple actions (like hand-eye coordination and motor skills).

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate a childs brain and help develop some of the most important skills theyll need for the future not to mention, theyre a lot of fun.

Below, weve listed 3 reasons why every parent should teach their children how to complete puzzles.

1.Hand-Eye Coordination. As we mentioned briefly above, many puzzles aid in developing a childs hand eye coordination. Its very difficult for a young child to pick up a piece of a puzzle, turn it in the proper direction and place it where it belongs in the puzzle. The more they practice, the more it becomes second nature to them and, before you know

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Mossaique – Unique Puzzle Game For Android

Along with the growing of so much mobile games available on the market, you can find sometime a decent game deep down on the list. There are plenty of puzzle game on the market indeed, for example where is my water, cut the rope, and many more. Its hard to determine either the game is good or nut just based on the screen shot. You need to play it, understand it, and of course is it the game make you want to play it again and again or not. Mossaique is a unique puzzle game available for iOS, if you look to the screen shot there is nothing much about this game, but waits until you play it. Lets see what this game has to offer below


Even though the graphic is simple and pretty basic, you will get lot of challenges from this game, Mossaique is a new game available for iOS that will make your brain work a little bit and relax. If you are that kind of person who loves riddle and solving puzzle is your thing, then this game is definitely for you. The challenges will make you curious and wonder how to solve the

How Puzzles Can Help With Team Building.

The term puzzle could refer to a brain teaser format of puzzle in which group effort would be required to figure out the problem and/or solution, or it could refer to an actual jigsaw puzzle activity. How would you incorporate a jigsaw puzzle into team building?

A Puzzle Exercise
Start by separating your group into teams. Give each team pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and give simple instructions to put the puzzle together as fast as possible. Imply or even state that every team has the same puzzle and make sure the pieces seem as if they are complete. In reality}}, there is only one jigsaw puzzle and the teams will never finish the puzzle until they work out the secret: team work!

Teams assume that they are competing against each other and will usually take some time before they realize that the pieces they need the other team has.

The significance of teamwork is further highlighted by letting the groups themselves figure this out, not by asking for assist from the team supervisor. Eventually they figure out the point of working together for a common intention.

There are some logistical notes on this puzzle